Penis Exercise can give Hands free Erection on Demand extra Hardness

The Erection/Penis exercise builds up muscles that give strong erections - your Erection Muscle, that like any they decline with age but we can get them stronger than ever to push more blood to the penis for longer.

The Erection/Penis Exercise will Form the Basis of Your Erection Training

Extra blood flow is great and there are many ways we will be boosting this by increasing diameter of blood vessels. Yet the blood that is getting to your penis can be boosted with a simple exercise: 

  • Sometimes purely on its own, sometimes in conjunction with other training aspects such as increasing sexual feelings to boost testosterone and reduce anxiety.
  • Great for long term erection improvements
  • Take it one step further for the Turbo Boost - for those times when you want that bit more Hardness.

The Merits of Erection/Penis Exercise

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The Erection/Penis Exercise that is also capable when combined with other training aspects (and practice) to give an erection on demand.

How to Strengthen Your Erection Muscle (Penis Exercise) to boost blood flow.

Strengthening the Ischiocavernosus (erection muscle) helps push more blood into the penis - making it more rigid. However in the video above I use it to provoke an erection, but this is just the catalyst, when filming I also happen to be relaxed, content and have  a surge of testosterone from exercising beforehand. All of these aspects help to get an erection on demand which does take practice, but if I can do it anyone can!

Whilst practicing the exercise it is first good to aim for no erections but simply to strengthen your erection muscle so that the next time you get an erection it will be very slightly stronger. This muscles action is to build up the pressure of blood in the penis to help rigidity and so it actually maximises the effect of what blood flow is there already.


The lifestyle changes of exercise, diet and stress management will help increase blood flow over the coming months and years but let's boost it with this exercise.

It is really easy to do and it will take a few months to gain more control and more strength but in time you will be able to contract these muscles for longer and get a blood flow boost for longer  - aka harder for longer!

An Exercise Comparison

Like any muscle we can build up explosive strength - the leg exercise comparison would be to jump as high as we can.

If this is all we train the muscles for this is all we'll be able to do. If we wanted to then run along way - our muscles would struggle after a few strides.

Yet if we train our legs to run rather jump - we can maybe add one stride every day. think of the strides as seconds to our erection /penis exercise  - we can add a second on every day. If we run fast we may not be able to run for long. It is the same with the erection muscle if we use max intensity we cannot hold for long, but with 50% intensity (giving a 50%) boost we can hold for a lot longer. Then with practice both intensity and duration will increase - and a harder erection for longer results.

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