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The Pelvic Floor Relax Exercise | Aka Make Your Penis Swell Big 

The Pelvic Floor Relax and Push Out exercise is great to do, conditioning the muscle through its full range of motion for increased strength of erections -  plus very enjoyable to do - in time you'll feel your penis swelling!

Difficult but important

We know walking around all day like this is no good - a stretch and relax is important

When we do the Erection Exercise (squeezing) we continually contract the levator-ani, but it is important to also let it get use to relaxing to:

  • prevent a tight pelvic floor
  • work through a whole range of motion for increased strength
  • encourage the penis swell

Like any muscle - the opposing movement is all good. Walking round making a fist all day would not be good for your hands - and this is what we are doing with the Erection Exercise.  So here I show you how to ensure you relax it too!

Hip Positions Can Help Muscle to Relax More

The Lavator ani. can be encouraged to relax more effectively simply by moving your hips into different positions! - as shown in this video. 

Video available in Erection Kaizen Coaching

Relaxing the levator-ani - pushing it back towards your tailbone,  is actually something we do when sitting on the loo, so do know that the longer you sit on the loo relaxing - you will also be doing this exercise, but we just need to build it into your routine to ensure proper balance.

For Some this is really easy, for others very difficult!

Another great reason for doing The Anus Relax....

Gives you the - The Penis Swell

This happens when we contract the Ischiocavernosus slightly, whilst relaxing the levator-ani. The easy way to do this is to imagine pushing ..continued  in Turbo Boost your Erection

It is just the way our bodies are - very similar, but subtly very individual. 

  1. you may get the best erection gains by focusing upon the squeeze,
  2. or it can be more about the relax
  3. or sometimes both!

If at all unsure then it is probably because you are able to do both movements and you'd benefit from exercising the squeeze/contraction movement and the relax too!. If at all unsure please ask for some help ( bottom of page)

Another position can work well for max relax!

How to relax your pelvic floor. This is just one way, but tends to be the better anatomical position for this to happen, but you may find an easier way - so just experiment!

  • Have your legs wide
  • and almost push down into your penis and anus
  • whilst keeping sphincters closed (so you have no accidents)
  • feel your pelvic floor stretch out
  • notice how this can be easier by using the "in breath"
  • try arching your back a little

Video available in Erection Kaizen Coaching

This is the exercise where we want to feel your anus pushing back to your tail-bone!

All About The Relax! - Really focus upon your anus relaxing!

  • A initial squeeze can help you really concentrate upon the anus relaxing.
  • This squeeze gets you in touch with your anus so that you feel it working and moving - and more importantly relaxing
  • When the squeeze is ceased a relax will follow - allow this to develop into a deeper relax
  • ...then really encourage you to relax it further and almost feel it moving closer to your tail-bone this is actually what is happening - your penis and anus move apart and your anus gets closer to your tail-bone.
  • Keep those legs wide and repeat - practice the relax in this position with a gentle squeeze first before encouraging the relax.

To start with this is the easiest position to try and relax your whole body and then a secondary effort to relax your anus too! This can be a tricky one to master - contact me if you need support: