My Erection

There is a perception by some that the Erection Coach must have a great erection, be aroused at the flick of a switch with a rock hard and throbbing penis!

I am not pretending to personally have the best erection - I am claiming to have gained some of the best tumescence improvements!  ...

and the best coach to improve your erection quality.

It is all about what we have or can get in relation to where we start from. The following is all about my erection improvements and how I help you improve too..

Honest & sincere!

This service I give is all about trust! Trust that I can really help you - with both my knowledge, experience and manner of delivery. I like to think that my sincerity shows through but I can understand that you may well be sceptical as there are all sorts of promises made by all sorts of web sites. So in the spirit of being totally honest I feel i need to address a subject that may be on your mind (equally I do not want to be presumptuous, you really may not care!) either way ...

Or go to erections during personal coaching sessions.

My Erection

It is okay. I am pleased with it and here is the thing it should be what we are pleased with - not as a comparison to others. My erection is good for my age and there is another topic - what is good for our age? What is the benchmark. Well if it can get hard enough to have penetrative sex then that is always good at any age.

Tumescent definition

Swollen or becoming swollen especially because of sexual excitement (but also nocturnally or spontaneously especially in youth) A Tumescent Penis.

My Tumescent Penis

It is not always what we currently have that tells the whole story - but where we have come from. Therefore I'll start from the beginning...

In Youth

Great Erectile function!

Probably quite average, but at the time I thought I was odd for getting erections at all sorts of times. (never seemed to talk about it though!)

I smoked, and ate too much sweet chocolate.

Yong Adult

Good Erectile Function

No problems - would instantly spring to life and do just what I wanted. (Really took it all for granted)

Still a smoker and more sugar than ever!

Why I'm mentioning sugar, smoking and stress!

They are the enemy of erections.

Stress, smoking and high blood glucose wreak havoc on the blood vessels - causing them to fur up and narrow. All in slightly different ways (explanations in other pages at this site), which reduces blood flow. The arteries supplying blood to the penis are some of the narrowest and most affected.

Mid Thirties

Okay Erectile Function

I really started to notice a difference. The first thing was the glans no longer that really deep red colour - more just red now - not so hard and not pointing up to the ceiling.

Stopped smoking and started again, lots of sugar. Lots of bills and stress with a young family!

Late Thirties

A real downturn in erection quality.

Really noticing a difference in erection quality now and decide to do something about it. My medical knowledge and experience now united with some passion to get things sorted and this was the start of the erection training programme which I have developed and refined.


Success at getting back to where I was in my mid thirties - still trying to get further improvements and aiming for the Young Adult stage!

Also noticing, how every time I awake momentarily in the night and wake up in the morning, with a hard penis!

About You seeing my erection

Some of you may have seen my Youtube channel, where I show my flaccid penis and my semi erect penis. This is quite out of character as i am not the exhibitionist type just got use to showing my body due to the training I give. In some videos I do show my penis starting to become semi-erect and then stop filming as I do not want to risk being removed from Youtube as has happened to some of my videos. Some have suggested other sites I could go to where I could show my erection, but perhaps I do not want to share that with the world...

Seeing my Erection in a Personal Coaching Session

Here's the thing sometimes erections in either of us can happen and sometimes not. Why??

There is a constant interplay of responses in our body. If we are slightly anxious, preoccupied or even cold an erection is less likely.

If we are warm relaxed and happy then an erection is more likely.

The above can affect us both

Arriving for your first session you may experience feelings of trepidation, excitement or just sheer optimism. A different mix of different emotions will affect your hormones and your nervous system which has a big affect upon your erectile state at any given time. The good news - this can change in seconds. Therefore my main priority is to ensure you feel relaxed and comfortable - not because there is any expectation for you to get an erection - as it does not matter either way, more that I want you to feel free, happy and notice the responsiveness of your body, in an enjoyable and informative session. Some participants get erections some don't, so no worries either way.

The affect of giving a specialist training course to Improve Erection Quality

Out of all the medical training with nursing patients, and fitness training with personal training participants - erection Coaching is by far the hardest to deliver. There are so many aspects and our bodies can react so differently and the specialist exercises and techniques are not always the easiest to learn. Therefore I have to not only work out what aspects will help you the most, but how to deliver the instruction in a way to suit you and help you the most. Normal fitness training is relatively easy as I can see how you are lifting a weight or moving your body - but this training is so different - many of the movements involve small muscles that not only sometimes take some reawakening but also can be difficult to assess how they are working. This does get easier as the weeks pass and you become more accomplished, but I have to get a balance between the session being enjoyable, informative and erection improving. This can be challenging - but is very rewarding.

My erectile reactions are dampened down due to what I am concentrating on above to help you in the best way I can. however sometimes I do get them and always happy to show you, but do not expect me to be delivering the session in a permanent state of tumescence.

My Priority

My priority is not to have an erection for myself in our session, but to show you how to improve your body to give yourself greater erections in the future.

If you really want to see my erection I am happy to show you in the context of showing some exercises that you can do with an erection and the affect, but not in an exhibitionist or sexual way - in an educational way!

What would you like to do?

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