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Hi I'm Coach Harper - aka ErectionCoach.com, medically trained, responsible and capable to help you achieve total Male Health:   Youthfulness & Virility.

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As a Personal Trainer My 1st thing to improve Erection Problems was ...

take solace from the fact there's Erection Kaizen - a natural way to get HARDer again!

Sometimes erection problems can be just a blip, sometimes more serious and needing us to change our ways.

My Erection Problems can help you...

Knowing you are not alone,

No man is immune to problems with erections

Erection Kaizen  naturally makes erections stronger

Can you identify with my story?

If so, at least you know erection kaizen can help you too.

Teens and twenties - all good

As a teenager and in my twenties I had the opposite problem - erections all the time at the most inconvenient of times too - probably similar to a lot of other men.

Then it started to go downhill!  - sound familiar?

Things that may have affected my erection:

  • stress, stress and more stress
  • lack of sleep
  • bad diet - lunch for me was a chocolate bar - mars!
  • high blood glucose levels (not good for the arteries that supply the penis with blood)
  • smoking!
  • plus ageing

Smoking was particularly stupid I know, but I use to convince myself that being physically fit allowed me to offset the dangers. I now realise how stupid this was - I am now making amends!

What I first noticed

  • A lack of hardness, still hard enough, but not the same.
  • The glans was not as red any more
  • An absence of that really swollen feeling.

You may have similar issues or different, but do know that there is a lot we can do to reverse this.

This was my 1st thing to do improve- what will yours be?

The very first thing I did was to stop smoking. This was perhaps my 20th attempt! but with the realisation that it was not doing my erection any good this was the motivation I needed  and to this day it worked. We need a powerful reason. Once we have that we are half way there!

If you'd like any help identifying what you can improve - to improve your erection - feel free to contact me.

What I started to do to help my erection problems

At this time my erection problem was not that bad - more just a gradual deterioration, so I knew the likelihood of acute health or psychological aspects were less likely and a longer term health approach would be best:

  • running more often to boost cardio-vascular fitness - improve blood flow. 
  • reducing stress, was not easy - so instead boosted testosterone levels to help me feel more confident and in control. (various natural means as in erection kaizen)
  • stopped all added sugar to reduce my blood glucose levels out of pre-diabetic range to - help blood flow

Pelvic Floor - Aka Erection Muscles

Taking erection muscle strengthening to the next level! Muscles around our penis (pelvic floor muscles) help our erections and when strengthened also strengthen erections! How much does depend upon how we strengthen them - if standard NHS style - you will see some noticeable improvement - if Erection Kaizen style you should see great improvements - though this does take some HARD work!