Warning:⚠️ Health Training for body & mind contains naturalistic nudity & a healthy Male response, to help men perform as nature intended & overcome ED

"Train your own body and mind, to realize your full penis, erection and sexual potential, by breaking the status quo."


Intensive Personal Training Sessions Improves Erection Quality

Intensive Personal Training is all focused upon getting you a stronger Erection.  To do this we can strengthen specific muscles around your penis, improve your whole body fitness, boost testosterone levels and if needed manage stress and anxiety, boost confidence and be happy with this exciting erection training. Intensive personal training for all men of any age, any fitness level and any current erection level.

Strengthening Muscles Around Your Penis

We have muscles attached to our penis and like all muscles - after the age of 30 they start to lose strength. Theses training sessions will show you how to get control of these muscles and during your session we'll strengthen them with various exercises and techniques.

You'll also learn how you can do them during your normal day - which can make you feel really good. This on it's own can help you manage stress or simply just really appreciate your body on another level - and in all sorts of situations.

Improving Your Fitness

Like Exercise

Our penis needs support from our whole body to get erect - good blood flow and hormone profile can be improved in many ways. If you do like exercise we can try a whole range and see what will push you to your limits! This way you'll really get some quick results.

Don't Like Exercise

Wacky Motivational Exercise

If you don't like exercise we will find a way that you'll really be able to improve your whole body fitness, through different and wacky bodyweight exercise, Roman style exercises we do together or simply increasing your activity levels or changing your current activity to benefit your fitness more for specific erection improvements. There are many ways of doing this and I guarantee we can find something that you'll love. We need to love it and enjoy it

Intensive Personal Training is 10 personal coaching sessions to get a stronger erection as quickly as possible. This intensive course of sessions a great way to keep motivated and improve your erection quality. Each session to evolve as your body adapts to the training. How your body adapts and responds will depend upon what aspects of the training your body needs the most.

Boosting Testosterone (naturally)

There are so many ways we can do this - some really easy too that you can include in your everyday life, that over the weeks all start to add up and make a big difference. Hormones, confidence, health and erections are all linked so you'll get some great benefits. Some ways to boost testosterone levels include exercise, but there are others that involve no exercise and can be very relaxing such as mindfulness body scan with particular emphasis upon your testicles and testosterone production.

Managing Stress & Anxiety, Inducing Contentment

This may or may not be an aspect of training that you choose. The importance of being happy and content for erection quality can never be underestimated, as this affects our nervous system. When we are relaxed and happy our parasympathetic nervous system is dominant and an erection is likely. If we are anxious our sympathetic nervous system takes over and an erection is the least of your body's priorities - it is preparing for survival not sex!

There are so many ways we can encourage happiness and contentment from within you - even though this is intensive personal training, it is intensive in the sense we practice the aspects of training that will help you the most and this may include relaxation. Even stress can be managed - as we all have stress in varying degrees and whilst I can't take a way the stress I can help you feel good. This may just help you think of stress in your life as a challenge. When we feel in control many situations can simply be just that - a challenge we feel we can meet, but when the challenge becomes something we feel we cannot cope with it can turn into a stressful situation. There are so many different things that can help. Even training naked has been shown to help reduce anxiety and boost confidence, plus exercise is proven as is mindfulness. This training with a focus upon your penis, combined with exercise, mindfulness and being naked can be great for reducing stress and making you feel happy.

Exciting Training - giving optimism.

As above explains - happiness is so important for our erection quality. Whilst this intensive personal training is all about getting results, part of this process includes fostering happiness - being an exciting and different way to train and get your whole body fit, but also knowing that you can improve your erection. This may just be your new hobby, challenge or fitness goal. In the process of improving your erection we will be improving your whole body which gives you a great feeling. This exciting training reverses any negative thoughts associated with a decline in erection quality and instead gives hope and happiness as you begin to see and feel some real improvements in your erection strength.

Strengthening muscles attached to your penis
Combine Penis Exercise with breathing and experience different sensations.
Sessions can be focussed and relaxing
Intensive Personal Training can include intense whole body fitness
Combining Abs exercises with penis exercises gives different sensations and some great results. You may even get a six pack in the process!

Which of the above will help you the most...

An assessment in your first session will help us find the best training methods for you. Sometimes results can be seen very early on, sometimes it can take a little time, which is where this block of sessions is so valuable. It ensures you stay motivated and ensures you are pushed as much as possible, or relaxed as much as possible depending upon whether your erection quality may be related to physical health or psychological in nature.

Whichever the cause this intensive personal training gives plenty of time to get to know you and what will really help you the most.

Train Naked or Clothed

You may have seen in my videos I explain about the benefits of training naked - due to a greater connection to the parts we are training. However that doesn't mean we have to train naked you can always save this aspect for when you practice at home.

Just let me know what you'd like there's no right or wrong way – whichever makes you feel comfortable as it is more important to be relaxed and happy.  You may have seen in my videos I explain about the benefits of training naked - due to a greater connection to the parts we are training. However that doesn't mean we have to train naked you can always save this aspect for when you practice at home. Just let me know what you'd like there's no right or wrong way – whichever makes you feel comfortable as it is more important to be relaxed and happy.

About Being Naked:

If you want to do any of the training naked then great. You need not worry about a thing - formerly a nurse - nudity is relatively normal for me! It doesn't matter what shape or size we are – erection coaching is all to do with how our body's function. There may be a bit of extra fat or muscle in a few different places on either of us – looks and size are not important, it is all about health and function. Without the barrier of clothes we can really get in touch with our body - to feel and see what is happening.

Or a Bit of Both! If you're not sure - we can always do it in our underwear

About Erections!

Erections are not needed for any part of this training, however if they happen and you feel comfortable there are a few exercises and techniques we can try with an erection - to see the difference to when flaccid. If you do not get one that is no problem (some men do, some don't) - you'll always be able to practice these exercises with an erection in private at a later date.

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