How To Get Harder Erections | Your Sex Muscles

How to get harder erections explained with..

  • Advanced Techniques
  • 100% natural
  • strengthen your erection muscle - pump your penis up.

Why you need to have previously worked through the basics

Two reasons:

  1. There are some advanced techniques that I would only expect you to become accustomed with after some preliminary coaching. 
  2. We will get to know each other quite well

You may need to contact me to ask about some of this

How To Get a Harder Erection

The sole focus is upon how to  Enjoy getting  a harder erection with some intense exercise - some intense feelings leading to fantastic sensations that you want to keep going - but the muscles are fatiguing - can you keep it going that bit longer for the pleasure. 

Then the pleasure can be overwhelming and you somehow find hidden strength from your - sex muscles (aka pelvic floor and abs) to really keep it going to chase that feeling .

which we will visualise and imagine - this helps the mental aspects of motivation and so important.

Once you are motivated to do this by connecting the end goal of a hard throbbing erection with the sheer pleasure of intensely working your sex muscles you will want to do it more often.

Choose different ways....

  1. immersing yourself in it when you have some private time to really focus
  2. sometimes at odd times in your day even when in public (no one will know what you are doing)

 the first is capable of explosive results, however the second method whilst subtle is all about fostering feelings within your body and allowing you to get in touch with your body more and get into the habit of thinking of your penis and sexuality at all different times of the day - feeling naughty and feeling great. 


Your Erection muscle and other supporting muscles will become so strong -

how to get harder erections ✔️

have some explosive sexual times on your own ✔️

feel sexual at different times ✔️

other sexual gains ( there are many (tell me what you gain!) ✔️


This helps with the psychological aspects of the erection process and can with practice (I'll explain how) actually elevate your testosterone levels. It may only be slight increases in testosterone, libido and muscle strength, control, sexual function, and stress management (by thinking of yourself primarily as a sexual being at varied times) but these results are all accumulative and really add up to make a big difference.

I'll show you how you can build on the techniques you learn in this class to really enjoy your whole body and discover some great feelings.

Great Feelings and How To Get Harder Erections with Guaranteed Results!

The main focus is upon how to get a harder erection but in the process of this you will get some great sensations and when you do - you'll just want to more and more - then when you get to this stage you will be practicing that much i guarantee you will notice an improvement in the hardness of your erection...