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How to Enlarge The Penis and Make it Big!

just make it appear big, by being confident and proud!

Get them off and be proud. If we love our penis others will too! Size is just one aspect - bring out it's personality!

We are so lucky to have a penis and above all else we should perhaps love it just how it is - but there are a few simple ways to make the most of what we have and enjoy it all the more!

As explained below happiness is sometimes the key - affecting hormones. blood flow, confidence which all effect our penis size. Here's how...

3 Ways How To Enlarge the Penis

...as proven in Naked Personal Training and Erection Coaching

1. Be confident and proud - no matter what the size - it really works!

How to Enlarge The Penis and make it big by making it appear big! Viewers of our penis perceive our penis size - making judgements based upon not just size but the bigger picture -  our confidence and our personality and the confidence and personality of our Penis - which really can portray both of these! If we're confident with our penis and love it, others will too.   How: Appreciating our penis no matter what - we are so lucky to have one.Getting naked with a stranger (I can always be your stranger - just book yourself in for a coaching session!) is proven to help!

2. Know About The Emotion Effect

Once we know just how emotions really affect our penis size we almost know how to enlarge it and make it big! Our emotions effect our hormones and to some extent vice-versa. Our hormones have a massive effect upon flaccid penis size - just like temperature. All explained below.   

3. Learn how to Push More Blood into your penis!

There are some techniques and exercises that we can all learn to push more blood into our flaccid penis to increase the size, without becoming erect. They do take a bit of practice but really work. I'll be showing you just a few simple ones how to enlarge the penis in this blog - with the more complex ones taught in the coaching sessions.

The Confident Penis

Being confident and having a confident penis – is a great way how to enlarge the penis and make it bigger! When we are happy and confident testosterone is raised and adrenaline decreased, which allows more blood to flow in to the penis - just like when we are hot. So we can think of happiness and confidence in the same way as warmth which gives us a bigger penis when soft. However if we are not feeling confident but are apprehensive or anxious - adrenaline will be increased - having the same effect as when we are cold - to restrict blood flow and our penis becomes smaller with less blood in it. Therefore confidence is a very real way how to enlarge the penis - making a soft penis swell slightly to increase the size. Similarly allowing extra blood to flow into an erect penis to also make it swell that bit more.

Overriding Emotions and hormones - Pushing Blood In

It is possible to learn some techniques and exercises to begin to override the effects of hormones, which can actually then change our emotions and hormones and really kick start the whole process of allowing extra blood in - to make the most of what we have. There are short term and long term ways to help improve blood flow to our penis. With blood flow being the key - I'll be writing lots more about this in the future.

How Our Penis Appears to Others

That's the physical way - there is also a psychological way how to enlarge the penis and make it big - with confidence!  If we are confident with our penis and love it we are showing we value it and others may be intrigued by the value - almost curious about the hidden qualities. Plus if we love our penis others may want to as well - tapping into that 'we want what someone else has got' way of thinking. This I discuss a bit more in the next post about penis size.

To Have a Confident Penis with Personality!

I talk about it as though our penis has a mind of it's own. The Greek Philosopher Plato thought the penis was self willed. I know we know physiology has come along way since then but sometimes I can't help agreeing with him! One thing for sure though is that no matter what our penis does or doesn't do or look like we can all become more confident simply by....

How To Get This Confidence

'Acceptance of our naked body by a stranger boosts confidence'

This fact really is proven in research! I'm not advocating getting our penis out for all and sundry to see – more nakedness in the normal naked situations is ideal! Or indeed I can be your stranger in erection coaching with the naked option or naked personal training sessions where you'll feel totally comfortable with us both being naked. This is the key to the improved confidence - gaining acceptance of each other that our bodies are all okay...

Letting others see our penis more!

But less in a sexual way and more our penis being visible in all its various sizes (states).  Getting naked with a stranger is actually proven to help our body confidence – no matter what shape, size or what we have or have not!. But when we actually think about it this makes sense as the reason we feel better about ourself and our body is the fact that we have bared all for a stranger and if they accept us – which in general naked situations they always will  – this boosts our confidence – we know that we are indeed okay!

A bit of an advert here - but it may make you think of different ways how to enlarge the penis....

The Confident Penis through Erection Coaching and Personal Training

Erection coaching can be carried out clothed or naked – but if you would like to boost your confidence in any way or just enjoy the great feeling of being naked then a naked erection coaching session (or naked personal training session without the erection stuff) can really help.

Erections in non sexual environments!

Sometimes the thought of getting an erection in front of another man is embarrassing but I wonder if this stems from the school showers or some similar situation when an erection would have provoked much comment and embarrassment.

However with me it is different - as any erection if it did occur will be as a result of experiencing a different experience. Excitement is a form of arousal and can lead to an erection. However that may not happen but I will also be showing you ways we can control our penis more and actually start to get an erection by using different muscles – so a semi is likely.  As well as seeing each others body and penis we may possibly also see it in a range of different states which only helps improve our confidence through this acceptance of the other person. This will show you how to enlarge the penis in many ways, but mainly by the fact that we can just love showing what we already have - as all penises are something to be very proud of - they are amazing!

An erection may not happen – and maybe the size may not alter that much - but you'll still get a boost to your body confidence and the whole naked coaching thing will also seem totally normal! This is not all about erections – but enjoying our penis and all that it can give us and if we are confident with our penis then our whole health and outlook will be improved. More about naked erection coaching  here...or for naked personal training contact me here

The confident Penis in the future, not just for a session.

Having a confident penis or being confident with (whichever way you want to think about it) can actually help improve our whole body confidence - as we have gained acceptance from a stranger (me) and this is proven to help boost our confidence and our testosterone levels. This psychological affect is long lasting and will last long after our session. Plus there are ways to improve the physical in the longer term - boosting our testosterone levels and confidence levels very simply - it takes only 2 mins - again proven to work by science. I'll show you how we can do this.

But above all else we should not become obsessed with how to enlarge the penis - but really love our penis just as it - then everyone else will!