Warning:⚠️ Health Training for body & mind contains naturalistic nudity & a healthy Male response, to help men perform as nature intended & overcome ED

the erection coach - Coach Harper

Hi I'm Coach Harper - aka ErectionCoach.com, medically trained, responsible and capable to help you achieve total Male Health:   Youthfulness & Virility.

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Not Gay - just a Bro Way

⚠️ nudity

Erection Coaching with another man may make you really horny - but not in a gay way - in a Bro bonding way.

Erection Coaching - can cause some surprise with how your body responds - so  this will hopefully help you understand the complexities of the male erection…. what’s behind it and what it means...

Erection Coaching draws upon the raw you - strength and sexuality of your body to get a stronger erection. Coaching as personal as this can raise some feelings - in a male bonding bro way as opposed to anything gay or overtly sexual.

The Shared Experience of Doing something different

I am in contact with many different guys- all enjoying getting the most from their body. Some are older, some are younger all different backgrounds and nationalities. Some are gay, some straight and most of the time I never know as it is just me and you communicating and enjoying improving a private part of our body - and a shared experience that we're doing something a little different. We may not share this aspect of us with anyone else - in our normal life quite like may possibly happen here.

Training the most private aspect of you - genitals, sexualness and feelings - not in a gay way but in a bro way as only another gut can

viewing videos of another man exercising his penis is the only way to properly train you in erection kaizen.

Plus many of us are interested to know about:

  • what other men actually do
  • their problems
  • their sexual response

Training to get to the raw you - from a male coach...
 can lead to some intense feelings in a Bro bonding way.

  • Erection Coaching is all about me coaching you to get the most from a private part of your body.
  • Because of all the training videos here you get to know my body rather well - and if you choose to send me pics or videos of your progress - I too may get to know yours quite well.
  • Then there is also the information pages here, and if you choose to email me, a personal communication - where we get to know each other's thoughts.
  • This can lead to a bond developing but it is like with a friend or work colleague - but very different because it is all about your most intimate areas-  you may equally choose to be totally anonymous.
  • ...whatever level you choose to communicate/interact/train - this can least to a whole variety of emotions and feelings - all totally normal - as we bond due to sharing an experience that is different to normal and accept each other's experiences of erections, erection training and sexual response. This acceptance  actually boosts testosterone levels and confidence. 
  • If you feel very sexual at any point during the coaching that is fine - as that is some of the purpose to get back to the raw you. 
  • This raw you may feel really sexual at different points - and being with another man being sexual does not mean you're in any way gay - just think of it as male bonding. You may well be gay or bi or - somewhere  on the scale or 100% straight - if I we can harness any of the sexuality to get your body fitter and stronger to give you harder erections then that's all good...

Erection Kaizen is all about your sexual feelings inside being stimulated in a different way to normal. that's all. so no need to over complicate with any labels or anything - you're just making the most of your body - strengthening it and enjoying every single part of it - not in a gay way but in a bro way.

A bro bond hopefully developing

Exercising along with me can cause you to feel sexual, but this is all about you - not me - and does not have any bearing on your sexuality.  It is freeing and liberating to be doing this stuff with another guy as it is different and exciting.  If you are feeling certain emotions or feelings this is entirely normal and changes nothing about your sexuality - it is purely male bonding! 

All About  Health

This coaching is all about improving the health of your whole body and mind - with everything focused upon the fitness goal of: achieving better erections which inevitably brings sexual feelings into the coaching -from a natural healthy perspective. Even then it is from a sexual health perspective and I am just facilitating you with that - I am not involved in it, as I am the coach preparing you for future sexual times, not part of them. Therefore whether you're Straight or Gay as this coaching has a lot to offer you and is about your health and your sexual response to yourself, it is not to do with me I am just connecting you to your penis (if that makes sense) and so whatever happens with you - it is you. I just happen to present and providing you with the training for your body and mind in a sexual way. . This has nothing to do with sexuality- just two guys training their body's and understanding how to get the most from them for future sexual encounters with others .

Erections for many different reasons

It does make you an ambitious human male wanting to make the most of your body and get in touch with innermost muscles, controls and sensations.  In the coaching session we are improving your health, and becoming aroused due to another man does not say anything about your sexuality. We can become aroused for all sorts of reasons. We can also become erect for all sorts of reasons and sometimes not because we are aroused but purely due to feeling relaxed, a reflex response or purely enjoyment. Any erections or arousal at any part of this coaching may happen in a bro way as opposed to a gay way due to the fact that we have a shared experience of doing something different to normal and that it involves me inspiring you - to get in touch with your body so that you can enjoy it to its full extent. Only a man can do this as only a man understands this.

And that really is what this training is all about - I am of no consequence - just there, purely enabling you to get the most from your body, it just happens that another male is helping you. But that is what is needed, as a man understands a man in a different way to a woman - so for this training you have no option but to get very personal with a man so that you can enjoy either a man or a woman or simply yourself more in the future.

Training in a Bro Time way

All men can benefit and will feel totally comfortable as this is individual; training to improve your erection quality by improving your health and fitness of your whole body and mind - albeit in a slightly unusual way!



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