The Erection Workshop Online

More Information & Videos  being added - over the coming weeks...

for new techniques and ways to make your erection  even harder!

I have so much ready to add - just need to find the time between all the training, but I will!

What is Erection Coaching

The Erection Workshop informs, demonstrates and inspires you to exercise for a stronger erection and healthier body & mind. Hopefully all will make sense as you go through the training programme, but if not just ask!


Discover some specific techniques you can do in private and some you can do anywhere!

Fitness & Sexuality

Carefully chosen whole body exercise to condition blood vessels and improve flexibility and help with relaxation. All adds up to strengthen all parts of your body that contribute to the erection process!

Happiness & Feeling Sexual

This is the real erection booster. When we are happy our whole body is set up for stronger more frequent erections.

Erection Workshop Online

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Introduction & Why Naked

Naked for Your Good Health

Introduction to Male Anatomy

Happiness for Great Erections

Beginners Erection  Training

The Physical

Close Up With the 3 Important Muscles

Erection Exercise Basics

Sit Down & Exercise

Feedback from Your Penis to Increase Contraction

The Psychological Aspects

The Happy Erection Exercise

Know Your Enemy

A Different Way to Get an Erection

Coming Very Soon

Improvers Erection  Training


Natural Testosterone Boost - Testosterone Fuelled Erections

Erection Power Dier

Blood Flow Boosting Exercise

Erection Boosting Lifestyle 

The Physical

Erection Exercise - Extra Control

Extra Control - More Sensations

More Sensations - Extra Enjoyment

Extra Enjoyment - More Erection Exercise Practice

More Erection Exercise Practice - Extra Results

The Psychological Aspects

Mindfulness Erection Exercise - Bringing physical and psychological together

'Tuning in to Body"

Feeling Secure About Your Size

Advanced Erection  Training

The Physical

Refining Techniques 

Different Positions

Using Abs

Sexual Energising Breathing

Erection Boosting Breathing

The Psychological

Rising Sexuality

Using Sexuality for Health

The Physiological

Blood Flow Boosts

Ultimate Erection  Training

Erections on Demand

Maintaining Erections

All Hands Free

Erection Enlightenment - I am still working with this one - a lovely ever evolving journey!

A FAQ - Do you do Skype Training?

Whilst I don't do Skype training I'm adding to this Online Training every few weeks. There's enough info there to get you started and give good results.
I know it's not the same as in person but you can ask your questions here - for that slightly more personal service.
The videos and info pages will give you some good information and there is so much I want to add - there just aren't enough hours in the day, I tend to add what will help people the most, so if you ask a question on a particular subject I will aim to make that one of my next topics to add. You can Start Online Erection Training here.

If you're unsure of any aspect - just ask me!
Good luck!

Whats New

  1. Penis Weightlifting

    Aug 14, 19 03:56 PM

    Hi, I have been practicing some techniques for a while, but I want to take it a step further by lifting weights, like a towel and use the concept of progressive

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  2. Impressive!

    May 26, 19 08:56 AM

    Not a question but more of a comment really but what I like about this video is the incredible hope and encouragement it has given me to keep practicing

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  3. Anus contraction help to Strengthen Erection?

    May 24, 19 01:02 PM

    It's amazing! Does your anus have a connection to increasing the erection? Answer Yes - definitely! In the process of clenching your anus - all the

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Your own personal coaching at home, on way to work or wherever you are.

This erection training is really versatile and can fit in with your life.

Either choose the information pages or just watch the video - depending upon where you are at the time you can exercise along or just learn what to do for later!

It is even possible to do some of the specific exercises for the muscles around your genitals clothed absolutely anywhere, just with less intensity. The max intensity exercising can be saved till you are naked and in private.

Just a Few Minutes Every Day

That really is all you need. Very soon you'll become familiar with the exercises and choose the best couple for you. Do them for just a few minutes every day and this will add up to some great results for you. The more often you do them - the quicker the results.

Informative, Rewarding & Exciting


Tells you what you need to know about your body, all the different aspects that combine to give you an erection, and what you can do to help your body give a stronger erection - from a few simple lifestyle changes to all out exercise!


When you see your erection quality improve it really does make you feel great.


A few simple changes in your everyday life can make a big difference. Find out what works and what doesn't!

The muscles we are exercising support your erection, penis function, prostate bladder and anus. As your muscles grow stronger you can look forward to some different and pleasurable sensations.

For All Men

This will help you either keep your erection strong or help you to make it stronger!

The only reason this will not work is if you have a specific medical condition, but even then many conditions can be helped with exercise, so there is every chance that you will see an improvement in your erection quality. The medical side of things can be complex and my nursing career has given me much specialist experience, however if you do contact me with any queries regarding your individual needs and I feel you may need more help than I can give you with this training I will recommend you see your doctor. However this is all definitely worth trying and will not do you any harm, as it is all natural.

Any age any fitness level..

Your fitness level: All exercises start off at basic level and gradually progress. All you need do is listen to your body if anything hurts or adds to your stress then simply stop! Your body will tell you!

More Info - Who's it for

Many Aspects - Fun and Enjoyable

This training is not only capable of improving your erection but also improves the health of your whole body, and great for the mind too! There will be a self assessment to indicate what aspects of the training are likely to help you the most. If unsure you can just do all of them! This will get your whole body and mind fit! If you want any help in working out what may benefit you the most or you'd like any clarification on any aspect or would just like to chat to someone then I'm your man! Always happy to talk, so always feel free to get in touch.

Emotions & Happiness

How we feel is so important - this erection workshop emphasises optimism and happiness...

Optimism that erection problems can be helped. There is every chance your erection can be strengthened. Research shows success rates are high, and any lack of results attributed to a lack of training - so keep up with your training programme and you'll be able to keep other things up too!

Happiness - so important as sometimes our body can be working great, but if we are not happy and relaxed this can be enough to hinder an erection. The No.1 priority is to not worry and be happy - Knowing that you can improve your erection with the following step by step guide.


Introduction & Why Naked

Another Nudity Warning - Naked for Your Good Health

Intro to Male Anatomy

Happiness and Greater Erections

Specific Penis Exercise & Techniques

Close Up with the 3 Important Muscles For Your Erection

The Erection Exercise! Basics

More Coming Very Soon

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