Warning:⚠️ Health Training for body & mind contains naturalistic nudity & a healthy Male response, to help men perform as nature intended & overcome ED

"Train your own body and mind, to realize your full penis, erection and sexual potential, by breaking the status quo."


Harder Erection Study | What Training Type Gives Max Erect Improvements

⚠️ nudity

The Erection Study is taking place:

London 2019

 Online later on in the year.

All methods work, but your help to find out what works best for whom, is paid back with free coaching and support to make your erection HARDer!

No Erections are Needed for any part of this training.


Video Training

Eight weeks in October/November


What is The Harder Erection Study?

The Harder Erection Study will show you

 a 5 minute Exercise to help strengthen your body or mind and improve erection problems or make your current erection harder

Then you do your 5 minute exercise every do at home/work for the next 8 weeks and see what happens.

Four different training methods to choose from:

There will be an Online Step by Step Guide relating to:

1. Strengthen Erection Muscles - no erection is needed - we will strengthen the muscles around the penis responsible for rigidity.

The Ischiocavernosus in males is the erection muscle which builds pressure of blood in the penis to make it rigid. No Erections are Needed

Weekly email progress updates and  support to help you strengthen these muscles. 

After 8 weeks:  Report your erection quality improvements 

2. Psychological Aspects - combing the physical and psychological

One of the hardest aspects to fix, but rest assured we can train the mind for an improvement just as the body. It starts with focusing upon the mind/body connection and feelings of contentment which we can then build upon to help individual anxieties. No Erections are Needed

Weekly email progress updates and  support to help you relax, focus upon your whole body and mind.

After 8 weeks:  Report your erection quality improvements 

3. Blood Flow Boost - general body fitness for improved blood flow & hormones

Exercise to improve erection quality only takes a few minutes and can give you results in weeks.No Erections are Needed  We are training the body systems that contribute to erection process. 

Weekly email progress updates and  support to help you exercise to boost blood flow. 

After 8 weeks:  Report your erection quality improvements 

4. Combo Erection Training - All the above

Sometimes the cause of erection problems is not obvious or even needed, a general training approach can be all that is needed!

No Erections are needed. We are training the body systems that contribute to erection process. 

Weekly email progress updates and  support to help you train your whole body & mind.. 

After 8 weeks:  Report your erection quality improvements 

A Sexual Being - Part of All Training events

All of the above events are focussed upon you feeling a Sexual Being!

Feeling more of a Sexual Being helps improve hormones, the psychological and even blood flow, due to the powerful feelings. Also helps us make good lifestyle choices for the sake of our erections

No Erections are needed. We are training the body systems that contribute to erection process. 

What I ask of You

Reasons for the Erection Study

To gain more data regarding effectiveness of different training methods for different individuals

The erection study aims to get some results data regarding different erection training methods. What works does not just depend upon whether any problems are of a psychological or physical nature, but often as much due to motivation, determination and a need.
Equally the determination aspect is sometimes good - but not always - as if someone is so determined to get a result they may be focused upon the act of physical exercise, but the erection process though very simple has so many inputs that are from from simple. These inputs are often conflicting with each other, and the way to get them all to work in harmony is sometimes to relax or to embrace what is  The slightly sexual male world that is erectionKaizen.  Therefore if someone gets stressed about trying to do more exercise to strengthen the physical, it can undermine the psychological. There is no way a strong erection will happen if at all stressed or anxious - the erection if managed will be weaker! Relaxation, contentment and sexual feelings are all needed, This is why erectionkaizen training is complex and what works can take some analysing, it is not like ordinary fitness, as we really need so many other inputs to be happy. But an erection is definitely a barometer of health, happiness and relaxation  combined. You may be very strong and healthy but if you are not happy and relaxed then your erection could be suffering.
This gives an idea as to how it is not an easy process to decide what methods are suitable for different individuals and sometimes the most surprising results can happen. 
Therefore the emphasis of the training is always one of happiness, enjoyment and an element of being sexual too. This study aims to see how much it helps to know about the individual and prescribe individual bespoke exercise or if a more general approach can be as effective.

What to do next

If you would be interested in taking part all you need di is register at  bottom of page.. 

How to Choose:

If you have no problems but  just want to see how HARD you can be:

Options 1,3 or 4 can be chosen as you like.

If you have an erection problem:

choose any of the options that appeals or you think will be most beneficial.

You can choose whichever you think you'll get the most from or

if you are unsure just ask me here

1. Erection Muscles

Great if you:

  • have noticed a gradual decline in your erection quality
  • are over 30

2. Psychological Aspects

Great if you:

  • have noticed a sudden change in your erection quality
  • get night time/wake with erections 
  • have trouble maintaining erections

3. Blood Flow Boost

Great if you:

  • have noticed a gradual decline
  • suffer from stress
  • have had a less healthy lifestyle

4. Combo

Ideal if you

  • have no specific clear reasons to explain your decline in erection quality