Warning:⚠️ Health Training for body & mind contains naturalistic nudity & a healthy Male response, to help men perform as nature intended & overcome ED

"Train your own body and mind, to realize your full penis, erection and sexual potential, by breaking the status quo."


Be an Erection Kaizen Man?

⚠️ nudity

Being an Erection Kaizen man, you'll gain ​an acceptance, of what your body needs from you:  for it to repay you with lots of erections. ​

But here is the big question:

Are you willing to be An Erection Kaizen Man - and give your body what it needs - for it to give you these extra erections?

What Do You Need to be an Erection Kaizen Man?

HARDer erections, more often - being Erection Kaizen Man!

Above all else You Need three things:

  • A desire for Erection Kaizen Coaching - or a desire to gain HARDer erections
  • Motivation
  • Focus

then these will be easy

  • live a healthy lifestyle - blood flow boosts, hormone profile
  • exercise - including specialist pelvic floor - muscles attached to penis that are there to make it rigid
  • further develop mind/body connection - helps with any psychological aspects

All very healthy - but with your sexual response at the focus of every aspect - this is very different and possibly not for everyone - but if you are committed gives you a 95% chance of stronger erections.

See How Hard You can be or for Erection Problems

Erection Kaizen works for both of these:  maybe you want to make the most of your penis and see just how erect it can become, or perhaps you have erectile dysfunction.

Results from Erection Kaizen tend to be greater in those with low to medium erectile dysfunction? Why? Well I suspect this is down to motivation and sheer determination - a problem to be resolved. Which is one of the big determinants of Erection Kaizen coaching - you do need to put the work in to stimulate your body to grow stronger and adapt - so that it can give you HARDer erections. 


Your body wants to give you many erections - as that is one big reason why we are here - to reproduce. So your body wants it - all we need to do is convince your mind too, which can be very easy once you start to either see improvements or feel nice things inside you. Therein lies the balance needed within erection kaizen - you need to exercise and be healthy - yes, but this has to be in an enjoyable way otherwise it will not be sustained. Elements of pleasure and sexualness are brought into Erection Kaizen, for this very purpose.

As after all - if you have seen the power of smile video - that clearly demonstrates how just enjoyment and relaxation all it's own can be powerful.


If you are suited to Erection Kaizen - this will be easy - as what better motivation is there to exercise your penis and your body, whilst living a healthy lifestyle - when the payback is lots more erections that will be HARDer too!  


Erection Kaizen isn't all about dedication to exercise and lifestyle. It requires a good mind/body connection with a focus that evolves as  you practice. The more your focus evolves - the greater the payback

Erection Kaizen - Online Harder Erection Video Course

Erection Kaizen Coaching has three membership options:

  • Throbbing Membership, ​
  • Harder Membership
  • Harder Membership Plus

plus there's also a free semi guide.

 Erection Kaizen Video Coaching options

Erection Coaching in Person

Erection Coaching

Erectile Dysfunction and Erection Kaizen Coaching

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