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Cure for Erectile Dysfunction | What if I'm in the 5%

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The Harder Erection Guides are a great cure for erectile dysfunction -with a near 95% chance of a significant improvement - using the power of your mind and capability of your physical body - to strengthen. It takes work but I'm here to help you and it can be very enjoyable and rewarding work - improving sexualness, mindfulness, relaxation, lifestyle change, exercise and specific penis exercise all focussed upon your happiness and sexual response.

Find out if  Erection Coaching will Help....

Why the 5%?

This may be due to trauma, illness or medication the effects of which cannot be overcome very easily. The chances are you may already know if you ere in the 5% - but if you have any elements of doubt, then the chances are you may be in the 95%! 

  • If you are unsure: if you may be in the 5%
  • Please feel free to email me and I'll let you know my thoughts.
  • Even if I feel erection coaching may not help improve your erection - I'll suggest the information and videos that may help you enjoy your body sexually - such as developing sexual response and enhanced enjoyment.
  • Just tell me a bit about yourself.
  • I'll reply back with a few questions for you to answer and then let you know my thoughts.

If You Stay motivated over 95% chance 

A cure for erectile dysfunction that is 100% natural and over 90% effective. You have to put some work in - but playing with your penis and erections is not bad work to do!.

us your erection muscles and feel the rhythm in your penis!

Playing/Exercising your penis and erections

Sometimes the focus will be solely upon your penis but in other times it will be upon your whole body -  in a sexual way to encourage sexuality and to look upon your whole body as a sexual organ, so even then your penis will be at the forefront with all these feelings causing your penis to flutter!. This not only helps with the psychological aspects of the erection process but also helps make exercising our whole body, for improved blood flow, something that is fun to do . Erection kaizen is a great way to get your whole body fit, your mind happy and your penis harder!

For Erection Coaching to Really Work

  • You have to devote a minimum of 5 minutes every day - more time, better results. 
  • Lifestyle changes can be a big part - but what an incentive!
  • Training needs to be given time to work, but you can soon feel things happening!
  • After an initial boost to gain results it is advised that a sustainable training plan be adopted.
  • As a Throbbing Members you can email me for assistance/support/inspiration - this for some can be the key to overcoming erectile dysfunction.

Your Cure for Erectile Dysfunction

Why your chances of a cure for erectile dysfunction (or improving hardness) can  be greater with me than your Doctor

The following is from British Association of Urological Surgeons, however in reality I would argue that there figures may be misleading, not the breakdown of physical....

90% of men with impotence (erectile dysfunction) have at least one underlying physical cause for their problem

A psychological component, often called "performance anxiety", is common in men with impotence. However, a purely psychological problem is seen in only 10%.

Of the 90% of men who have an underlying physical cause, the main abnormalities found are:

  • Cardiovascular disease in 40%;
  • Diabetes in 33%;
  • Hormone problems (e.g. high prolactin or low testosterone levels) & drugs (e.g. antihypertensives, antipsychotics, antidepressants, antihistamines, heroin, cocaine, methadone) in 11%;
  • Neurological disorders in 10%;
  • Pelvic surgery or trauma in 3-5%; and
  • Anatomical abnormalities in 1-3% (e.g. tight foreskin, short penile frenulum, Peyronie's disease, inflammation, penile curvature).

 ...but the proportion of physical to psychological. The men that are referred to them will often have clear cut medical illnesses which the GP knows may cause an erection problem. However there are many men that don't have a medical condition and are simply given Viagra or something and sent on their way to fend for themselves - I hear this a lot in my practice. Sometimes this may help but so many men can just assume there is nothing that is really going to help them and unless very persistent and keep going back to their GP or physician may never be referred to a specialist. Therefore in reality and in context of all erection difficulties and men presenting to erectioncoach.com I am of the opinion-  the psychological aspect could be significantly higher. 

Your Cure for Erectile Dysfunction Depends Upon the Cause...

Find out if the Erection Coaching can be Your Cure For Erectile dysfunction..

The erection process is complex and requires many different body systems to all be working well. Sometimes there can be an obvious cause of erection difficulties, sometime not.

Do we always need to the cause?  Starting erection coaching with optimism and hope can be the start of something special as this starts to calm any anxiety, that you possibly aren't even aware of but which is the enemy of erections. If anxiety is not the problem - it may well be some of the physical aspects that as we all know after the age of 30 unless we do something about it tend to decline, from our vision to the strength of our legs, It all gradually weakens - and with our erection relying upon so many factors it is little wonder that sometimes it doesn't work so well. But we don't have to accept it as part of getting older - we can do something about it!

Not worrying about the cause can help us relax into the training more...

here's an introduction to the many aspects that you can enjoy - and know that the physical helps out the psychological and vice-versa.

Finding what parts of the training programme may be suitable for you...

If you do have weak erections - know that there really is so much that can help you and the chances are we can find a cure for erectile dysfunction -- you may only find out by starting all the different training aspects.  But and it is big but - it does take some hard work (excuse the pun). But what better incentive is there to train than with erectioncoach.com to get a stronger erection! ..and cure erectile dysfunction.

Erection Muscle Weakness (part of pelvic floor). Specific erection exercises and techniques can be practiced to combat the natural strength decline we all experience after the age of around 30., that accelerates in our 50's.

General Fitness. When our whole body is working at optimum levels - so too will our erections. There are some simple and effective, plus fun ways within erection kaizen to improve your fitness by focusing upon your penis!

Health Improvements Sometimes a small health problem can make a big difference. Many health conditions can be managed through exercise and a healthy lifestyle.  

Blood Flow. Blood flow can be improved, luckily for us it is indiscriminate! Improving blood flow to any muscle will also help blood flow to your penis, especially when combined with a few specialist erection kaizen exercises for your penis!

Hormone Profile There are some very simple and effective ways at erectiondr.com you can boost your testosterone level and reduce  other hormones that we want to restrict. All natural, proven and very effective!

Psychological The more you worry about your erection the worse the negative affect this can have. Often this is just temporary, but its effects should never be underestimated. There are many different ways to help this - all very dependant upon you as the individual, but erection kaizen has many aspects geared to help this: something wii definitely reduce the impact of this aspect for you. I show a few different approaches in the videos - hopefully you'll find something helpful.

Stress?Anxiety which can cause both psychological and physical problems. There are many ways to help improve happiness and contentment. One of the great ways is to enjoy your training with erectiondr.com for a stronger erection - as it can give a great sense of achievement, time to focus upon you, hope of an improvement - plus some great sensations as you get more control of your penis and surrounding muscles - that also have an effect upon testicles, scrotum and prostate.

....a lot of nice things to look forward to!

What if the cause of your erectile dysfunction wont respond to this training

Nothing is lost as you will hopefully have rediscovered your sexual feelings again be fitter and healthier. I explain in some videos that pleasure is not always about the penis but something deeper inside and as we all know you don't need to have an erection to have a great orgasm or ejaculation. In fact my best orgasms have actually been without an erection. So if the training for whatever did not give you that throbbing feeling back again it will give you other great feelings and an enjoyment of your body. There is quite a personal video where I share my thoughts upon non erection sex  - in both the guides.

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The Info from British Association of Urological Surgeons  that may not tell the whole story