Warning:⚠️ Health Training for body & mind contains naturalistic nudity & a healthy Male response, to help men perform as nature intended & overcome ED

"Train your own body and mind, to realize your full penis, erection and sexual potential, by breaking the status quo."


Improve Erection Quality Quicker by Sharing with Your Erection Coach

Or to do on your own

⚠️ nudity

Firstly Helping Motivation

Erection Coaching is very powerful - but totally useless if you do not stick with it.  Staying motivated is the biggest key to successfully improving your sexual response. If you have any problems with exercising regularly - as a habit which is what is needed to get results then the exercises below, combined with a goal in your mind,  may just help you. 

Medium Term Attainment/Goal

 We need a reason to exercise and live a healthier lifestyle. Here is what you can attain when you stick to your ErectionKaizen Training - if I can do this as a more mature guy and  ex smoker  - chances are you'll soon be able to, too!

Keeping goals like this in mind are powerful - but it is all relative. For me this is a great improvement - your improvements may be different, as it depends where we are starting from - so don't worry about what improvement you do or don't get - any improvement has to be good - right?

​And who knows - you may just achieve this - or a whole lot more.

in time you'll gain so much more control - not just for seconds - but minutes.

Secondly Making your ErectionKaizen Exercise a Habit

A daily penis/erection exercise to build into your everyday life .

  • Assess your Personality to find the right one for you, below
  • option to share your progress with me,

  • ​It may help you get results quicker. 

    What type of Personality are You?

    3 Simple exercises to suit any mans personality/lifestyle.

    Habitual and determined?- if you like routine, exercise #1 will allow you to regularly drop your pants and in touch with your body. A bit of time out for you ErectionKaizen style - during your day (this can even be done in a toilet cubicle after urination).

    Full of Excuses - to not do things you should? - if motivation or simply forgetting to do your ErectionKaizen exercises could be a factor - exercise #2 may be for you. You can do it any time any place, whenever you think of it - so you'll have no valid excuse!

    Think you're important? Well you are, and if you put contentment and wellbeing as a priority, you'll be excited to regularly d0 exercise #3 for all the great improvements it will give your erection quality.  A bit of time for you is just what Erection Coach ordered!


    With this page, the priority is communication as opposed to instruction.

    Or you may not want to share, which is fine, but maybe you could think about choosing an exercise anyway....

    When doing these exercises - always remember why you're doing them - they will give you a HARDer erection in the coming days or weeks

    Exercise 1

    Penis Raises

    See your penis bob up and down (erectiondr.com style) - in part due to your erection muscle contracting and pumping extra blood in.

    Dress code: Naked / Pants down

    How many times can you with force make your penis raise up - slightly! (more noticeable at the times when you have more blood in your penis.)

    We want you to see : a noticeable penis movement/twitch 
    or you to feel your :bulbospongiosous muscle contract under your fingers 
    Keep on going until you cannot either do 1 a second (approximately), or you lose real force. Reminder of Penis Exercise is Penis ExerciseHere 

    Exercise 2

    Butt Hole Clench & Hold
    As you'll know from erection coaching is one sure way to strengthen your erection muscles and give you a HARDer penis.

    Dress Code: Clothed (and even in public) or Naked 

    How long can you clench your hole for!  This is ideal for the busiest man - as this can be done anywhere and no one will know!

    ​imagine trying to either stop something coming out or going in! But imagine you really don't want anything slipping through - so that it is as forceful a contraction that you can manage without it showing on your face.
    Keep on going until you can no longer maintain a forceful clench.

    No pictures or video needed  to demonstrate this one - as it is just a feeling - nothing is visible due to allowing for the possibility of doing it clothed whilst in public.

    Do this every day - not just once - but whenever you think of your penis or sex.

    Exercise 3

    The Butt Hole Move
    (butt hole clenches on/off) stimulate erection muscles to strengthen which will give you a HARDer erection in the coming days., Plus helps with any psychological aspects of erection problems by developing mind/body connection due to total focus upon your butt hole and the resulting sensation. (But only if you have the time. If you get stressed about fitting it into your day - this can be counterproductive.)

    Dress Code: Naked / Clothed (as it can provide more feedback from your anus moving against clothing) 

    How many times can you forcibly clench and release your butt hole

    Three ways...

    The quick and intense
    Squeeze and release, around twice every second (or thereabouts)
    keep on going until you either lose contraction force, or speed

    The full range
    Allowing the anus to go through the full range of motion and so will be a slower contraction - as it takes time for anus to relax.
    (Some find this whole range difficult, but with practice will be manageable )

    Thirdly Aim to Increase

    ​Choose your favourite exercise - with your aim to increase 

    Train all of this with ErectionKaizen