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When can I Expect to See Results from Erection Exercise?

by Steve
(Tennessee USA)

I just started watching and learning from your videos and .working on the techniques. Thank you
First off let me say thank you for the instructions. I’ve only been doing them for a few weeks.
I didn’t even know about these muscles.
When do you think I may start to see a bit of results?

Hi Steve ,
That's a really tricky question to answer as there are so many factors involved and we're so individual, but I'll have a go....

1st thing to improve will be the control you get over the muscles surrounding your penis - as the nerve control increases.

2nd. With practice as your control increases - the more you can focus upon sensations from the whole area!

3rd. focus upon the sensations means you can build the intensity and start to increase muscle strength.

It may be a couple of days - it may be a couple of weeks before you notice a few changes - but not necessarily to erection quality at this stage. It all depends upon your existing muscle strength/control. health and the amount of practice you put in.
Improvements keep on coming as you progress through your training and in weeks or months you should start to see some improvements in erection quality. If not you'll be enjoying the increased sensations which will help keep you motivated to practice.

So it may be a couple of weeks or it may be a few months depending upon your current fitness and how much training you put in!

Just enjoy it and see what happens!

Good luck and let me know the results you get!

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