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want training but live in the US...

by Joe

Can I get training even though I live in the US? I am very interested.

Hi Joe,
Yes! Just fly me to the US and I'll give you some great training!

Seriously though whilst I do not do Skype training training I am adding to the Online Erection Workshop every few weeks. There is enough info there to get you started and give you some good results.
I know it is not the same as in person but you can ask your questions here - for that slightly more personal service.
The videos and info sheets will give you some good information and there is so much I want to add - there just aren't enough hours in the day, I tend to add what will help people the most, so if you ask a question on a particular subject I will aim to make that one of my next topics to add.
You can Start Online Erection Training here.

If you're unsure about any aspect - just ask me!
Good luck!

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Jun 27, 2019
health improvement
by: Anonymous

I am interested in your coaching; whatever the details are. I am looking for an answer that will work for me. I've been and are seeing a medical doctor. I need to start getting somewhere with my lake of sleep and erectile dysfunction. I am working out in a gym, and I am seeing some conditioning improvement.

Apr 04, 2019
Important, unashamed information for all men
by: Christopher

Keep doing what you’re doing. I’m so encouraged to find someone using facts, training and expertise to educate men about an important, all too common and yet still taboo subject.
Better yet is your blissfull nakedness, relaxed, open, honest and unashamed attitude. Bravo!
I’m a social nudist/ naturist and well aware of the liberation that comes with nudity.
I grew up with a mom, a dad and a brother. When mom wasn’t around, us boys never had any modesty. What did we have to hide? Of course, we covered up for mom out of respect, but not shame.
I live in NYC where I never cease to be amazed by men in locker rooms struggling to disrobe under a towel, never shower for fear of being seen naked, eyes always cast down avoiding even the sight of a naked man. I venture to say these men need to open up, overcome body shame, get informed, speak frankly and ask questions fearlessly.
Until now, I knew of no other resource for men for serious, uninhibited information about penises and erections. Sadly even my own medical practitioner has limited comfort or time for the subject beyond writing a prescription. Too bad I’m too far away for in-person coaching, but I’ll surely take advantage of your instructional videos.
Thank you!

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