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Travel Abroad

by MJ
(Los Angeles, California, USA)

Do you ever travel abroad to conduct workshops? If not, do you have any recommendations for instructors in the United States, particularly in California? I belong to a men’s group and we are always hosting and sponsoring various men’s health and wellness workshops and retreats. This is certainly very helpful and would be a great thing to learn.


I don't know of anyone else doing this in the same way as me - bringing the physical, the medical and the psychological aspects all together with exercise, healthy lifestyle and happiness! Specialist experience in Nursing and the medical world helping men with a variety of conditions combined with the fitness training brings a different perspective - but one that is all evidence based - unlike some!

I would love to do a workshop in California if the interest was there so maybe I can explore this idea more!
It would be good to stay in touch and maybe we could work something out one day soon!


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