Straight or Gay - No difference

No Matter what button you clicked on,  this page is the same - the training is both for Straight and Gay Men and is Health training to improve sex for the future - not during the session itself, so is therefore ideal for any man regardless of their sexuality.  This is something that only a man can truly understand and help with - so even if you are naked and erect with another man (me) it does not make you gay. It purely gets you connected to your penis like never before. This is al about you and how you connect to your penis it's not about me - meaning sexuality does not play a part..


We can train clothed or Naked. This is all about strengthening your body to give you great erections in the coming weeks, months and years!

or Naked (your Choice)

This semi erection occurred as a result of relaxation and smiling (whilst filming instructional video), not from sexual arousal and so if happens to either of us in a session does not indicate sexuality.

Don't miss out on some great training due to sexuality.

This coaching all about health and sex - and just happens to be delivered by a man.

If Naked....

Viewing penis movement for feedback

if training your arm - you may lift a weight as many times as you can, for the trainer to establish your strength.

With erection training we can use muscles to make our penis move and muscles in perineum to contract.

I will ask what your level of feedback is:

  1. You will tell me what you feel or see
  2. You are happy for me to view your penis and muscles in your perineum
  3. you are happy for me to view and touch the muscles close to your penis and in your perineum

All you need to know is for me this is just everyday life and is health focussed - as oppose to sexual. Please do what you feel comfortable with - all will work!

All About  Health

This coaching is all about improving the health of your whole body and mind - with everything focussed upon the fitness goal of:

achieving better erections for when you are at home not in the session - unless...

 you specifically require help with feeling more sexual or controlling your feelings in which case erections can be encouraged but this would need to be something we discuss beforehand so please do not expect this as a matter of course.

But even then it is from a sexual health perspective and I am just facilitating you with that - I am not involved in it, as I am the coach preparing you for future sexual times, not part of them. Therefore whether you're Straight or Gay as this coaching has a lot to offer you and is about your health and your sexual response to yourself, it is not to do with me I am just connecting you to your penis (if that makes sense) and so whatever happens with you - it is you. I just happen to present and providing you with the training for your body and mind. This has nothing to do with sexuality.

More Health focussed, less sexual always individual.

This coaching is to improve your sexual health and responsiveness of your penis. The coaching is so that you can enjoy all these benefits in the future and is totally focussed upon health and is therefore suitable for any man as it is just health & fitness training.

However if you wanted to bring sexuality into your coaching a bit and enjoy training with an erection then that is absolutely fine, but is not expected - the choice is yours and there is no expectation.

Erection Coaching With a Man Does Not Make You Gay

It does make you an ambitious human male wanting to make the most of their body and get in touch with their innermost muscles and controls.  In the coaching session we are improving your health, and whether you choose to do it naked or clothed, get an erection or not - it does not say anything about your sexuality. We can become aroused for all sorts of reasons. We can also become erect for all sorts of reasons and sometimes not because we are aroused but purely due to feeling relaxed, a reflex response or purely enjoyment. Any erections or arousal does not make you gay - but it does put you in touch with your body so that you can enjoy it to its full extent.

And that really is what this training is all about - I am of no consequence - just there, purely enabling you to get the most from your body, it just happens that another male is helping you. But that is what is needed, as a man understands a man in a different way to a woman - so for this training you have no option but to get very personal with a man so that you can enjoy either a man or a woman or simply yourself more in the future.

Straight or Gay

Hopefully that has reassured you that it does not matter what your sexuality is - all men can benefit and will feel totally comfortable as this is individual; training to improve your erection quality by improving your health and fitness of your whole body and mind. What aspects work for you we will find out but do know this coaching is not about having sex in the session but to enable you to get more from it in the future, so whether you're straight or gay it is of no consequence!

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