Warning:⚠️ Health Training for body & mind contains naturalistic nudity & a healthy Male response, to help men perform as nature intended & overcome ED

"Train your own body and mind, to realize your full penis, erection and sexual potential, by breaking the status quo."


Shankha Prakshalana by The Erection Coach | A Sexual Being

⚠️ nudity

Shankha Prakshalana, does not figure in any part of Erection Kaizen unless you are like me and become really into your mind body connection.  It will not be for everyone, I add a sensuous, sexual aspect for a deeper connection to my penis and sexuality in a way that's different to anything else and different to normal Shankha Prakshalana.

What is Shankha Prakshalana?

It's a good clear out – a flush for the whole digestive tract that comes with it may things – all very individual and some I don't want to get into as I should not possibly be encouraging this for everyone.. There can be so much more to this than just a bowel preparation.

Why Am I Showing You This

Purely so that you can see what I get up to behind the scenes – all the different things that I do to develop my mind/body connection and look after my body and mind. However this may work for me - but not for everyone. Included within Erection Kaizen are the basics - the vanilla! It is then very individual how subtle additions can work in different ways. Having said that - there is nothing subtle about Shankha Prakshalana!

Not to Coach, just letting you into my Sunday Morning

This is not part of my coaching, just things about me that may help you in some small way hopefully! That's it! If nothing else you may find it amusing!

Why do I like this and why you may too...

For the last 15 years – due to erection problems and diabetes risks I have been eating healthy. In fact I am finding I am continually improving my diet, now because I simply feel so much better for it – feeling almost clogged up and lethargic if eat too much of what I once use to love. Now this is may where it may begin to sound weird and gets a bit personal – so stop reading now if at all sensitive...

...I blame it all on my nursing days – where the very useful question – “when did you last open your bowels?” was often asked – for various treatments, illnesses and as a recovery indicator . I have therefore always been mindful of my own bowel movements, but since changes with diet I have become intrigued with the changes that can result.  Keen to become more aware of what effects my bodily functions – this has become almost fascinating for me the different effects diet and lifestyle has upon my body and how I feel. And that for me is really what this is all about – how I feel!

Shankha prakshalana just clears you out, but is capable of delivering many things! . Even the clear out is for me a fascination, as for a period of time I worked as a Nurse on the Endoscopy Unit – bowel screening where a camera is inserted into the anus and round the bowel, sometimes a very long way round the large bowel too. Sometimes the small intestine is explored via the mouth and too provides a unique glimpse with great pictures into this amazing part of us. This is perhaps where my interest also started. Patients undergoing this procedure have to take a bowel cleaner the day before – to do exactly that – so that the camera can see clearly.

I have never taken such a bowel cleaner but have got to hear about Shankha Prakshalana an Ayurvedic technique for cleansing the mouth to the anus. Now this is for me where it gets interesting a study was carried out to see how this Ayurvedic technique compared to a bowel cleaner. Shankha Prakshalana out performed the bowel cleaner prep.

The sexual aspect

This is not because I am weird, but when I feel clogged up with food – I tend to feel less sexual. However when less food is in me I feel fresh and lively – almost sexual too in a kind of deeper spiritual way. So this is something I occasionally do – but that is also the good thing – it should just be occasional – as I don't want to wash away good bacteria – just bad. I am also interested to see if it helps my hay-fever this year as well as helping me feel even more sexual!


The thought of waking up early on a Sunday morning to do this I find exciting – almost imagining I am in India. For the next few days I feel really lively and sexual due to this connecting with my body at a deep level.

That is exactly why I like this and find it sexual as it is that deep mind/body connection that helps us to get an erection and control our sexual response! I am linking the deep connection to my body in a sexual way – getting in touch with every part of me like never before. As I write this I am beginning to get an erection!

After a few rounds I begin to feel more sexual so thought I'd film this for you.- Video showing Sexual Aspect of Shankha  and Exercise are here