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Prostate Cancer

by Jay
(West Linn, OR)

Will these exercises help recover erectile function following a da Vinci robotic prostatectomy?


Hi Jay,

The answer is very individual, depending upon the level of trauma and period of time since the prostatectomy. They definitely can help, but you should also listen to your body and stop if you feel any discomfort. If in any doubt talk to your doctor, but if you are gentle and gradually increase the intensity they can produce good results.
The big factor to be aware of is the psychological - going through what you have, can in some have a negative effect upon the psychological aspects. This page;
Happiness and Relaxation may help you understand the importance.
In summary there is every chance the exercises can do a lot of good, as long as you enjoy doing them and manage your expectations. If in any doubt talk to your doctor.

Hopefully you'll enjoy them - let me know how you get on

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