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peyronie's disease

What would be the benefits of these excercises on peyronie's disease? I got peyronie's disease 3.5 years ago. It seems to be forever evolving. Would these excercises help tear through the calcification to give relife to my deformity. Would a stronger healthy tissue help the diseased areas? I've tried stretching and vacuum devices. They have helped to straighten my penis. Thanks for doing these videos. As we get older we need help.


The honest answer is - I do not know. As you have had some luck with stretching and vacuum devices then it is possible you may get some benefit - however what we are doing is totally natural and organic, meaning less forced. That could give the possibility that any gains may be less than the other devices, but equally as it is more gentle and possible to do a lot more often, this little and often approach may (but I cannot advocate or recommend) give an additional benefit. I really need to stress that I cannot advise either way and if you did try these exercises - listen to your body. Cease immediately if there are any problems or worsening of symptoms.
If you do try, start gently and the little and often method may be ideal. The beauty of these exercises is that they can be done absolutely anywhere - and when soft or hard, so you can do them at various times in your day, in different situations.
I would be very interested to hear if this does help you in any way, but this is al alt your risk, if in any doubt please do talk to your doctor.
If you have any concerns or questions do ask.

Good luck

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