Penis Weightlifting

by Omar Hussein Khan
(Dubai, UAE)

Hi, I have been practicing some techniques for a while, but I want to take it a step further by lifting weights, like a towel and use the concept of progressive overload as is used in bodybuilding. I actually tried a putting a towel and the erection stiffness and sex drive afterwards were more than I've experienced without a towel or added resistance. As the erection coach, do you have any tips on how to progress with penis weightlifting, making my erection so hard to be able to withstand and counteract downward forces?

Hi Omar Hussein Khan,
The training you are describing I do not do. Whilst it may be suited to you - it is not for everyone. Instead I can help men achieve greater results through gaining feedback in the perineum, penis movement or through sensations within the body - through a mixture of fast pulses or slow long holds, to target the muscles differently. With practice the sensations that result can become really pleasurable - carried out anywhere and at any time with varying intensities.

Chasing the pleasure feelings helps to build intensity and frequency of practice - leading to greater results - also helping address any psychological aspects too.

However if you have found a way that works for you that is all good!
Let me know the results you get - it's always good to hear of other methods working, as we're all individual.

Keep up the good work!

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