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Penis Size

May I ask you the length and girth of your penis_


Sorry but no you cannot! I don't mean that in a dismissive way, but in a way that encourages all of us to celebrate what we have and not compare but just enjoy!

This coaching and training is not about penis size, but making the most of what we have - by improving its function.

That said, my flaccid penis size has improved - with these exercises giving extra control of blood flowing in to my penis. If it is soft and small - a few contractions of the muscles get the blood to flow in and make it a touch bigger.

The erect size has improved from a few years ago - again due to the increased blood flow and resulting swelling and stronger erection but it is not bigger than it was, it has returned to what I had as a teenager.
Whilst the exercises do allow a momentary 'extra swelling" this only lasts as long as the contraction is held for - which in time can be built up to minutes, but this is more designed to help erection quality as opposed to increasing size which simply fuels male insecurity.
I write a bit more about this here - Penis Size Comparing

Hope that makes sense.

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