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Other Factors matter?

by Efren

So I've tried this exercise and at first it was getting harder but after a bit my penis comes down again and not getting fully erect, are external factors important such as been overweight?

I would not expect any beginner to be able to get an erection from doing this exercise. If you did - would certainly not expect it for long!. This has taken a lot of practice for me to train my body to do this, so if you can do it straight away - you are indeed a natural. This is just to show you the control that you can get in time.
There are so many factors that affect our erections. Being overweight does have an effect - but is more of an underlying influence. What can have more of an affect is Happiness & Relaxation.. The purpose of this exercise as much as anything is to build up muscle strength to help get stronger erections in the future.
However when the muscles do gain strength they can also help initiate an erection as shown here.

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