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Not a Sexual Erection?

by Thad

That erection was not sexual in nature at all? What if you had not stopped and let the erection stay? Would you have experienced an orgasm? I almost did just from watching without manipulating my penis whatsoever. It seemed to me that if you hadn’t calmed and let your erection remain you would have cum. Have you ever cum hands-free?

Hi Thad, With the camera being there - |I would have struggled to keep on going with the erection as eventually the muscles get tired and fail to sustain it - at which point arousal needs to take over which was not there.
When I am on my own and not being filmed arousal does take over and hands free ejaculation is something I am practising by stimulating my genitals and prostate with muscle contractions and deep breathing. However I still need to practice - very nearly achieved it and oddly the one time I nearly did I was actually clothed! But the feelings can be fantastic, however we need to also be in the zone, nice and relaxed and sexual! Busy life means practice time is limited, but I'll enjoy the trying!
Let me know if you manage it!

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May 26, 2019
Re Your Answer
by: Thad

In response to your reply to my post and your statement "let me know when you achieve it". Well, I’m letting you know: I achieved it. Sometimes I practice my erection exercises last thing of the day when lying down in bed before going to sleep. That way I am more relaxed and can focus more easily on the task at hand. Last night when I went to bed I watched the newest video you posted about maintaining stronger erections and a new post to boost testosterone and admittedly had become aroused by what I saw. Since coming across your videos on YouTube and then your website I have become much more sensitive and aware of my anatomy and have found myself paying more attention to my penis, anus and testicles due to the exercises. While masturbating recently I was thinking about breathing because you speak of it often and noticed that as I approached orgasm I had unconsciously stopped breathing until after I came. So last night, after watching your video lying in bed, I put my phone down and began the erection exercises by squeezing my penis while squeezing my anus and picturing squeezing toward my penis. Mind you, I was already semi erect from watching the video, so it was not long before I was more fully hard. I decided to let myself move from the exercise to letting my mind go to more of a sexual experience. I lifted my T-shirt up over my head and gently massaged my nipples and soon found my veins being engorged with blood and feeling more aroused and became aware of the tightness and the pressure of my bedding and underwear pressing against my erect penis and it all added to the experience. I then began to focus on my breathing and slowed down and took longer breaths and held on to each breath a little longer before expelling the breath and found that each time I did I was bringing myself closer and closer to cumming. All the while my fingers were massaging my nipples and I was not using my hands to manipulate my very hardened penis at all. I started counting with each breath I held; trying to hold my breath longer each time and found, to my delight, that each time I did I was coming closer to orgasm and so found that I had inadvertently been having an edging experience as well. Finally when I had counted holding my breath to past 200 I was very close and everything was working together so I let myself cum in one of the most explosive orgasms I think I have ever experienced! It was incredible. Really. I don’t know if I’ll be able to repeat the experience or not but, believe me, I can’t wait to try!

by Kwest

Wow Thad! thank you for that!
The breathing that you mention is also a big part of the erection training - so perhaps we all need to take it just that step further like you!
You must have also been deeply relaxed plus I'd guess you're very 'in tune' and connected with your body? You are I think the perfect example of how relaxation, happiness, a deep connection to our body can do so much for our sexual function!
I look forward to hearing if you achieve this again. You've certainly inspired me - so thanks.

However here I have to bring a touch of realism into the subject, as what I'm about to say may help those with erection training too - coaching many different men I've come to realise that whilst all so similar - also so different in how we function. So whilst you have inspired me I will not get stressed if it doesn't work for me, just as some erection training methods work for some and not for others.
We all need to find our own way that suits our body and mind whether it be for improving erection or hands free ejaculation.
But one thing is for sure - you have found your way and I applaud you! 😊

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