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Increasing Ejaculation

Do you have any suggestions for increasing ejaculation? I've been doing the exercises and it helps give me that firmness in my erection but was wondering if it can help with increasing strength of ejaculation and amount of it.

When doing the Basic Erection Exercise you will be strengthening the bulbospongiosus muscle too - this is what will help your urine stream and ejaculation force, so keep on going with exercises and there is every chance you'll increase ejaculation capabilities too!

Feedback - helps you increase the intensity of contraction, which helps strengthen the muscle..

To get this feedback from your perineum. place two fingers centre of your perineum and you should feel this muscle pulse.

If you also really squeeze hard and really relax the muscles when doing the erection exercise this will take your pelvic floor through its whole range of motion and as the muscles become stronger will be capable of giving your prostate a massage and building up arousal levels which in turn can actually begin to increase ejaculate volume as both your mind and body become more stimulated.

There\s no promises, but it's definitely worth a try!



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Does erection exercise improve ejaculation?

by David
(Denver, CO)

Does the erection exercise also help with how far the ejaculation shoots and also the amount of ejaculation?

Hi David,
The erection exercises can help improve ejaculation force as it is also strengthening the bulbospongiosus muscle that helps with this - this is the muscle that you may feel contracting in your perineum when you ejaculate.
They may also help with ejaculate volume if the exercise is enjoyed in a sensuous way for a period of time. As the level of arousal can build when exercising this has an affect plus the muscles as they build will be massaging the prostate more and more, which lies just above these muscles, so yes there is every chance it can help both - as long as you enjoy doing them!

Let me know!

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