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by Thad

Not a question but more of a comment really but what I like about this video is the incredible hope and encouragement it has given me to keep practicing because there you are, live on camera with no editing whatsoever demonstrating not once, not twice but three times how I can with my mind and body increase my testosterone and control powerful and beautiful erections. Wow! Thanks Kwest. I can hardly wait to be as successful at it as you!

One of my concerns is that as I work on my erections in tandem with you with your videos playing it is easier to accomplish the desired erection because of the visual stimulation you provide. So lately I’ve been turning the video off and going solo but find I am not as successful and therefore my practices are not as exciting and I worry that I overthink it and it is even more difficult to find success. What do you suggest I do about that? Am I alone in this, other watchers/participants?

Anyway, thanks again for sharing your time and experience from all your education and research and making it all so enjoyable and stimulating and please keep it up. You’ll be keeping me up, as well!


Thad, you'll be pleased to know this does not always work for me either.There are as you said so many factors involved - the big one being our mind, and I explain in one of the videos if I had really planned the video I know that I would have struggled to get an erection. It has taken me a lot of practice to tune in to the stronger physical sensations that result from my strengthening pelvic floor muscle contractions. When these were not so strong it was less easy. This helps bring a focus that can be transferred to the penis and with practice we can get lost in our own body.

If I had a script to follow it is less likely full erection would have happened.. This can be comparable to a sexual situation too. When we relax and there is no expectation things can happen, yet when we really want it to and try too hard it wont. So do know I can overthink it too and it takes a lot of practice to calm the mind!
Also sometimes I think we just have to accept it may not work, and that is fine as there are so many other factors that influence this too - such as our emotions at any given time, how tired we are or even on a practical level how hydrated we are! So many factors that all have to be right and that's what makes us human and not a machine, so if it doesn't happen - don't worry - just enjoy whatever aspects of your practice that you can, such as just feeling sexual without an erection can be nice in itself and extremely good fo our health.
Less focus upon the erection expectation and more focus upon your enjoyment and discovery of other aspects of your body - and see what happens!


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