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Handsfree orgasm?

by Luke

Do you know anything about or train on achieving handsfree orgasms?

Hi Luke,
The majority of erection coaching will actually help you gain a hands free orgasm! Though the main goal is a harder erection - there is a crossover - stronger muscles will give you greater - almost powerful sensations! Then there is the mindfulness aspect to get our mind on board too. So even though the main focus here is extra 'Hardness' substitute that for extra stimulation and who knows what could happen! ...definitely some nice times if nothing else!

Now I have boosted my erection quality - some of my own personal training is now for the Hands free orgasm - though personally I can only train for it when in the right mood.

What aspects of the training will benefit you the most are very individual. If you have strong pelvic floor muscles - you will benefit from the sexual mindfullness video. If however you can meditate or be mindful but have less control of your penis with the surrounding muscles then the erection/penis exercises will help you.
Feel free to tell me more about your response and I can give you some training suggestions. You can always do this privately by email.


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