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Generating Pre Cum

by Longfellow

I am interested in generating more pre cum, instead of ejaculating so quickly- any tips or upcoming trainings on this?


Pre cum is as you probably know so individual, some guys drip, some are just moist. I am the latter and whilst certain things can improve the amounts we produce - it is within those variances of our body! As you know more the more sexual we feel - the more pre cum, but mechanically and psychologically we can help this along even more.

4 things that help me - and in training sessions tend to speed up the dripping in a lot of guys!

1.When feeling in the mood I will use a prostate massager and here is my experience... one that can be used hands free - using the power of your muscles to thrust into your body and stimulate your prostate - or gently guide in, as you wish - can lead to some mind blowing sensations also! You can use different intensities depending upon the sensation you want. When I’m really in the mood this can actually get me to drip rather than just be moist! Though I do have to be in the mood to insert something into me, but when I am this is just great - and can lead to some fantastic whole body orgasms!

2.The Erection/Penis Exercises work great for building the arousal once you get use to them and at a low intensity really can add to the sexual feelings building up within you. The rhythmic muscle contractions of the pelvic floor seem to almost pump pre cum out in some guys.

3.The turbo-boost when I really get into this exercise - the pre cum actually drips which is v unusual for me - then the feelings can start and it is all good. For me this only works to boost pre cum maybe 50% of the time. For guys I train I’d say a similar proportion - but with me dripping less than the average -Id say the reason it is only 50% in the training rooms due to the exercise technique taking some practice and in the first session would not expect great results.But by using your abdominals in a way to push your dick out, as in the turbo boost exercise.this can for some increase the premium! It can take a while to get the control and strength to gradually build, but this can boost erections and pre cum amounts.

4.Psychologically we can improve the amounts by relaxing and really getting into the moment - with things such as Sexual Mindfulness. Again for some this works really well - for others takes some practice!

A combination of the above may all work well!


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Jan 21, 2020
by: Anonymous

What about ejaculation. Can I have more of shooting cum like I used to. Right now when I jack off I maybe get a little squirt and mostly a lot of dribbling all over. But not a lot of shooting out like I used to. I jack off a lot is this the reason why I don’t shoot as much as I used to. And it’s jacking off a lot also massaging your dick.

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