For the First Time

by Luke

Hey Coach
I know you say an erection isn't important in the exercise but i want to experience it with one but can't until now. I think there is or was a block But it worked this time and I really liked the feeling. You asked for comments and I wanted to tell you that something seemed to relax me into this one. If next week you could do something similar I'd be happy to see if it's a one off or not.I think it's because you explain that it is the coaching helping me to feel sexual rather than a man. I am just doing as the coach says and it all feels natural now.

Hey Luke,
It's good to hear this worked for you. I'll aim to include something similar in next weeks - if you can let me know if it worked again or not. Here's where I have to be realistic though - hopefully it will work and you can get an erection during the session again, I presume thats what happened, but never expect one as sometimes they happen, but it only takes one small thing for it not to happen. So hopefully we have found what works for you, but still just relax and enjoy with or without an erection.- no expectation. Have you managed to try the exercises at all when you are erect at other times? But for sure next week I'll be sure to include something similar also.
Thanks for letting me know

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