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Ejaculation thanks to the training

by Ray

Has it ever happened to you to ejaculate while doing erections' exercises? I was happy when it happened to me, but twice. I tried not to judge me but I only enjoyed these moments. Was it probably due to psychological factors? I hadn't got any sexual arousals, but it felt so.

Congratulations! That is good to hear.
This is actually something that I am trying for, but yet eludes me. I have come close (pardon the pun) but not quite there yet, so it's great to hear that you've managed it.
The reason is due to the contractions of the muscles producing this response. Sometimes the muscle contractions give great sensations that lead to an arousal. Or it can be more of a physical response by the body in response to the contracting muscles which then gives a pleasurable feeling..

The muscles that we are contracting cradle the prostate - almost massaging it as well as stimulating testicles and possibly the penis too, so there is a lot going on and it shows that you have some strong muscles and really 'in tune' with your body!

Let me know of any other unexpected benefits - will give us all some more inspiration to keep on practicing that bit harder!


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